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Botox • Fillers • Non-Surgical BBL • Microneedling • Chemical Peels

 Hair Restoration • Laser Hair Removal • Semaglutide

IV Hydration

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Meet Dr. Qiana Johnson

Dr. Qiana A. Johnson is the provider at Lotus Wellness & Aesthetics. Dr. Johnson has been caring for patients over 15 years, and is dedicated to providing high quality, caring, and attentive MedSpa services. Dr. Johnson graduated from University of Tennessee Health Science Center with a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Forensic Specialist.

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Weight Management

Semaglutide is a great option to assist you with your fitness goals. Lotus Wellness Aesthetics offers weekly injections over the course of 1-3 months with wellness check ins included.

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Non-Surgical BBL

Receive a Brazilian Butt Lift without the hassle of surgery. This non-invasive procedures requires no downtime and no surgery. 

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Hair Restoration

Our advanced hair restoration treatments help you achieve the thick, healthy hair. Our clients see an 80% improvement in hair growth using our treatment plan.

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Laser Hair Removal

We use the latest laser technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from any area of the body. 

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