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Botox & Fillers

We offer Injectable treatments to help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We have treatments available that help stimulate collagen production which will provide a more youthful appearance.​


Filler Treatment Areas:

Under eyes (Tear Troughs)





Nasolabial Folds​

Neuromodulator (Botox) Treatment Areas:

Forehead lines

Crowe's feet (lines around eyes)

Lines around lips

Gummy smile

Excessive sweating


Enlarged calf muscles​

filler vs botox.jpg

Types of Filler


Ask us about financing.

We offer Cherry and Care Credit Financing.

Filler Fee:  Starts at $550 per syringe

** Depending on the location of product. The client will be charged per treatment area

as opposed to being charged per syringe.**

Neuromodulator Fee: $10/unit

** Average client requires 30-50 units when treating facial area**

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